DVP final thoughts

I think our DVP module was a very interesting and useful lesson in media. However filming is my least favorite aspect of media personally. We learned a lot about camera angles, types of movement, lighting, sound and editing all of which i feel reasonably comfortable with since the module. My five minute film was a really interesting, be it challenging project. I enjoyed the editing a lot more than i did the filming. I feel we were thrown in at the deep end with a lack of supervision and guidance from our lecturer, which led for a much more challenging few weeks. I passed the module with a 64.

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Pinhole cameras!

A pinhole camera is basically a camera without a lens and with a single small aperture. Its pretty much a light proof box with a small hole in the side. It almost emulates the human eye when in bright light by taking in light from a small hole and shows an inverted image the other side. A common use is to capture the movement of the sun over a ling period of time.

How to make one

The easiest way to make a pinhole camera would be to get a light proof box, put a pinhole in one side and a piece of film taped to the other end. A simple piece of cardboard as a shutter. The pin hole should be punched through a piece of tin foil or something similar, then this piece should be then taped to the inside behind the hole in the box.

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HDR Photography!

HDR stands for high dynamic range, its a set of techniques that allow greater dynamic range of luminance between the light and dark areas of an image than standard digital imaging techniques. this allows them to more accurately show the amount of intensity of the levels found in the image. this is usually done by the merging of multiple photographs. High dynamic range photographs are generally achieved by capturing multiple standard photographs often using exposure bracketing and then merging them into an HDR image.

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Henri Cartier Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson was born on August 22, 1908  and died on August 3, 2004 was a French photographer. He shot in a 35mm format and specialty was candid camera. He helped originate the ‘street photography’ style that many photographers have emulated today, influencing hundreds of people.

Taken from wikipedia:-

Experiments with photography

Although Cartier-Bresson gradually began to be restless under Lhote’s “rule-laden” approach to art, his rigorous theoretical training would later help him to confront and resolve problems of artistic form and composition in photography. In the 1920s, schools of photographic realism were popping up throughout Europe, but each had a different view on the direction photography should take. The photography revolution had begun: “Crush tradition! Photograph things as they are!”The Surrealist movement (founded in 1924) was a catalyst for this paradigm shift. Cartier-Bresson began socializing with the Surrealists at the Café Cyrano, in the Place Blanche. He met a number of the movement’s leading protagonists, and was particularly drawn to the Surrealist movement’s linking of the subconscious and the immediate to their work. The historian Peter Galassi explains:

The Surrealists approached photography in the same way that Aragon and Breton…approached the street: with a voracious appetite for the usual and unusual…The Surrealists recognized in plain photographic fact an essential quality that had been excluded from prior theories of photographic realism. They saw that ordinary photographs, especially when uprooted from their practical functions, contain a wealth of unintended, unpredictable meanings.

Cartier-Bresson matured artistically in this stormy cultural and political environment. He was aware of the concepts and theories mentioned, but could not find a way of expressing this imaginatively in his paintings. He was very frustrated with his experiments and subsequently destroyed the majority of his early works.

From 1928 to 1929, Cartier-Bresson attended the University of Cambridge, where he studied English, art and literature, and became bilingual. In 1930, stationed at Le Bourget, near Paris, he completed his mandatory service in the French Army. He remembered, “And I had quite a hard time of it, too, because I was toting Joyce under my arm and a Lebel rifle on my shoulder.

As we can see from this extract he was on the forefront of a photography evolution and influenced a lot of modern photographers by experimenting with the art of photography and not being afraid to try different things.

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Creative Computing Final Thoughts

Creative computing was one of my favorite modules, i think it gave me a chance to be more creative and had more of an arty feel to it. PhotoShop was my Favorited aspect of the year by far, the shear amount of creativity it allows you to do, its limitless! InDesign was also enjoyable, being able to make magazine covers so easily and tweaking the layout with simple commands

Scanned image ^                              Halfway  ^                                Final image ^

This is my project for photoshop for Creative Computing, we had to scan an image and edit it, complete with a write up explaining what i did. This is just one example of why i enjoy photoshop, even though it was one of my first project done on Photoshop so its quite amateurish. I got a 56 for this project due to a poor write up.

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CoD Juggernaut

while entertaining for about 3 months each, why doesn’t the franchise die?! When its come to a point that there’s a new CoD every single year do they really have enough time to make a different game, they look, feel and play identically.

The games are always broken for the first few months due to poor weapon power balance, glitches and exploits. MW2 is the perfect example with the one man army and No0b tube exploit, what were they thinking, its basically infinite ammo! CoD: WaW had the under the map glitch where no one could see or shoot you while you get the freedom to walk around a kill whom ever you please. The list of glitches and exploits are endless with each game.

They should give other games a chance, by bringing one out every year they dominate the market because of advertising and hype. Games like the Battlefield franchise while extremely popular never quite take off as much. Crysis 2, Rainbow six and brothers in arms are just some examples of good games that lose sales and dont take off as much because of the CoD juggernaut.

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Textures in Maya

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We started by creating a sphere Maya and using the apple+D to duplicate the sphere three times so we had four spheres. We then applied different textures to each of the spheres such as Lambert, Phong and Blinn to get a different base texture on each sphere, giving them different types of shine. Once you’ve applied the textures you also have a choice of multiple other options such as colour, contrast, shading and much more to fine tune the look of each sphere. These are called the texture presets render node options. I used all of these options to create the images shown above.

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