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My Blogging Experience

This blog has been a challenge, mostly because i think i haven’t been updating regularly enough. If i had kept up to date and blogged after every single lecture i would have so much more content and much better quality. … Continue reading

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Firstly, this was announced as a sandbox game, a hybrid of mirrors edge and fallout 3.This is not the case. From 40 types of guns that all feel and look the same to the jumpy game play. S.M.A.R.T (smooth movement … Continue reading

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Lomography is typically characterized by low quality pictures and odd lighting effects and other imperfections not normally seen in traditional photography. Its also usually a spontaneous style of photography. All this is what gives lomography its unique look and feel. … Continue reading

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The coffee cup!

Today we were given the task of making a 3 dimensional coffee cup. We were shown how to make a ring and a cylinder to build up the cup from the bottom. We then had to make the lip of … Continue reading

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Bowling alley Dynamics!

We were given a 3d structure of a bowling alley by our lecturers and told to animate and texture it. To do a simple animation we were told to apply dynamics to the structure. Firstly, we had to apply gravity … Continue reading

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Welcome to PhotoShop!

Getting used to the work area Our first piece of work was basic, we had to basically spotlight one of the coins shown in the image. Using the zoom tool we enlarged the coin so it would be easier to … Continue reading

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The Zenit-E is an old Russian made camera. It was made from 1965 – 1968, it was quite popular due to the reasonable price range. It was also produced under other brands such as Kalimar, Revueflex, Prinzflex, Photokina, Spiraflex,  Cosmorex. … Continue reading

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