Firstly, this was announced as a sandbox game, a hybrid of mirrors edge and fallout 3.This is not the case. From 40 types of guns that all feel and look the same to the jumpy game play.

S.M.A.R.T (smooth movement across random terrain) is apparently a breakthrough movement engine that is extremely intuitive. While probably the most entertaining aspect of the game, its still glitchy and just doesn’t feel ‘smooth’. You’ll often find yourself trying to free run away from a group of enemies when outnumbered and getting stuck behind a knee high fence.

The campaign feels just like multi-player and has little to no storyline that gets you involved with the characters. You’ll be dying or downed for 40% of the single player campaign due to sloppy/ non intuitive AI characters who aren’t backing you up and a barrage of constantly spawning enemies in front AND behind you.

Overall it feels like an arcade game that should be no more that £12, certainly not a full £40. It simply lacks content and all modes feel the same.

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