Bowling alley Dynamics!

We were given a 3d structure of a bowling alley by our lecturers and told to animate and texture it. To do a simple animation we were told to apply dynamics to the structure. Firstly, we had to apply gravity to the bowling ball, then making it an active rigid body by going to the dynamics menu > Soft/ Rigid Bodies > Create an active rigid body so the bowling ball would not fall through the bowling alley.

The bowling alley then had to be made into a passive rigid body rather than active. Once we did this we found the ball was too bouncy, to fix this we clicked the bowling ball and entered the side tab to edit the attributes. We then changed the bounciness of the ball to a much lower setting.

The final part was to add an active rigid body to the bowling pins and gravity so they wouldn’t float away when hit by the bowling ball. We had to add velocity to the bowling ball on the z-axis. lastly, I added some textures. Following all of these steps i ended up with the video above.

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