CoD Juggernaut

while entertaining for about 3 months each, why doesn’t the franchise die?! When its come to a point that there’s a new CoD every single year do they really have enough time to make a different game, they look, feel and play identically.

The games are always broken for the first few months due to poor weapon power balance, glitches and exploits. MW2 is the perfect example with the one man army and No0b tube exploit, what were they thinking, its basically infinite ammo! CoD: WaW had the under the map glitch where no one could see or shoot you while you get the freedom to walk around a kill whom ever you please. The list of glitches and exploits are endless with each game.

They should give other games a chance, by bringing one out every year they dominate the market because of advertising and hype. Games like the Battlefield franchise while extremely popular never quite take off as much. Crysis 2, Rainbow six and brothers in arms are just some examples of good games that lose sales and dont take off as much because of the CoD juggernaut.

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